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ezchimp v1: WHMCS – Mailchimp integration

January 23, 2012 , 3:00 pm

ezchimp is a WHMCS addon module which integrates with Mailchimp for newsletters and mailing lists for your clients in WHMCS. Clients can subscribe/unsubscribe to your newsletters or mailing lists and interest groups in Mailchimp during signup or via their client area. Auto updates Mailchimp subscription when clients change their email address or add contact / sub-account.

Download ezchimp for only $25 including lifetime free updates! And it is open source, licensed under GPLv3.

NOTE: Deprecated, does not support PHP 7. Please use version 2 for PHP 7.

When clients sign up, they will get the options like this:

Mailing list client options

Mailing list client options

Clients will also get the mailing list and interest group options in their client area:

Client area my details

Client area my details

Client area mailing list options

Client area mailing list options

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Get it here for only $25 including lifetime free support and updates!

Steps to setup:

  1. Download and extract the ezchimp.tar.gz file into your modules/addons/ folder within your WHMCS directory.
  2. Move the ezchimp_webhook.php file to your WHMCS root directory (eg: /home/username/public_html/whmcs). Test and make sure is giving a blank page instead of any errors such as internal server error (500). If it does, check and fix the ownership (should be owned by the domain’s username on a cpanel server for example), permission (try 555) etc so that it works.
  3. Go to WHMCS admin -> Setup -> Addon Modules and “activate” the module listed as “MailChimp newsletter”
  4. Set the WHMCS base URL (eg:, since version 1.6 only, not displayed in screenshot below).
  5. After successful activation enter you MailChimp API key and set access control below in the same page:

    ezchimp addon activation

    ezchimp addon activation

  6. Go to “Addons” -> “MailChimp newsletter” and configure the settings as necessary:

    ezchimp settings

    ezchimp settings

  7. Click on “Lists & Groups” in right menu to display all mailing lists and interest groups in your Mailchimp account:

    ezchimp lists

    Mailchimp lists and interest groups

  8. Enable those you need to make available for your clients in WHMCS. Give an alias as you wish. If you do not specify an alias, the name of the interest group (or the name of the list if there are no interest groups in it) will be used.
  9. The “Status” link in side menu will display the subscription status of your clients and their sub-contacts to mailing lists and interest groups:

    echimp subscription status

    echimp subscription status

  10. Use the “Tools” link to initially subscribe existing clients after a fresh activation of ezchimp module:
    ezchimp tools

    ezchimp initial subscribing


    All text can be modified by editing the file english.php in the ezchimp/lang/ folder. You may also add support for other languages by creating a new file for the language in ezchimp/lang/ folder.

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