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Paper Lantern showing set but showing x3 style in cPanel

June 9, 2017 , 11:50 am

As you know cPanel has stopped x3 theme and made paper lantern the default style, they have introduced “Retro Style” for Paper Lantern.  The Retro style makes Paper Lantern look like X3 so that if you prefer the old and trusted appearance of X3, you can feel at home even when using Paper Lantern.  It’s not a perfect implementation of X3, but with the silver chrome borders, blue-teal gradients, electro-blue world map page headers, and bubbly application icons, Paper Lantern can have the same familiarity that so many of our customers crave. Some might get confused as why cpanel shows X3 look even with Paper lantern enabled.

You can  switch to Default Style of Paper lantern for those accounts which have Retro Style enabled by following method :

#cd /home/$user/var/cpanel/styled    (replace $user with cPanel username)
In the Styled directory if you list the files you will see a link as blow:

# ls -l 

lrwxrwxrwx 1 $user $user 58 Apr 27  2016 current_style -> /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/paper_lantern/styled/retro/

Just unlink current_style and it rolls back to default style of paper lantern.

# unlink current_style
Now re-login to your cPanel account and you will see the default sPaper lantern Style.

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