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Are you getting the best call support?

April 9, 2013 , 3:24 am

Call centers are the basis of support. A call center can vary from one or two people to hundreds of employees in a corporate building. But the customers view is set by their first impression on the call needed for help.  Whereas customers don’t ever want to feel that once their purchase was made, the organisation no longer cares about them and is just out there fishing for new clients. One of the prime frustration at call centers is finding the right representative, hanging in hold of minutes, repeating the problem again and again to representative after representative, or never being able to reach the right person or never able to reach an authorized person capable of making decision in rectifying the problem.

This is where negative feedback comes. Frustrated customers can go beyond limit on their negative feedback  With people spending hours of day on social networks, negative feedback on a business can effect an average sized company’s profit margin. Customers are willing to switch to a better service providing companies even spending little more money. All most 70% customers are willing to make their change any time.

What we do at Support Monk to improve the quality of Support.

  • We provide US based support with a best language communication skills. Representatives at US ready to answer your call or ticket.
  • Customer’s problems solved mostly in a single call by representative who can speak clearly, is knowledgeable, polite and helpful.
  • Fast and improved technology to access customer’s record quickly and not have them wait for long on hold.
  • Simple and efficient navigating menu to human representative on receiving a call.
  • High level training provided  to customer service representative who can ever offer a discount or cash back for a dissatisfied customer
  • Availability of a Supervisor to handle the escalated calls.

Thinking of a support service might be costly, but losing customers is much more expensive. With repeat customers come recommendations and more customers. Just continue to be an inspiration for those employees who make a big difference in an organizations campaign on behalf of their brand.

The best way to check the support quality is pretend to be  a customer and call in. Call in with a problem outside the text of training and see how issues are handled; it promises to provide an excellent insight into your customer’s world.

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