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March 18, 2013 , 1:51 am



It’s been a few weeks since we first launched SupportMonk as a new brand, and we’ve had incredible success. We have had tons of inquiries, new visitors and yes, even signups. We’ve expanded by adding an additional 2 employees since the launch and besides a few issues here and there, things have been going well.



What’s next?

  • We’ve had allot of customers ask for a live chat / ticket plan so we’re in the works to create one. Don’t let that stop you if you haven’t yet signed up yet, as existing customers will be able to transfer to that plan if they feel it suites them better.
  • We also plan on making a few minor tweaks to the website to add additional content about our Outsourced and Dedicated Support.


Our team of developers have been working over the past year on a new version of Ezeelogin – an all-in-one software solution that gives server administrators the ability to manage multiple servers from just one. The new version should be available within the next 1-3 weeks and all SupportMonk customers who have Server Management plans with us will be able to get a free license! Stay tuned as we’ll be posting all about the new release soon.

Thank you!

Lastly, we want to thank all of our new customers for giving us a go and giving us the opportunity to provide a phenomenal level of support. With your help we will be working hard to improve operations and provide new features and services that will come free with your plan.【正規品】 トゥルースリーパー プレミアムシングルもう1枚セット(セミダブル+シングル)【送料無料&ネックフィットピロー付き!】【True Sleeper】【マットレス】【低反発マットレス】
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