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Google 2 factor authentication in Ezeelogin Linux ssh gateway to improve security of servers.

May 10, 2013 , 1:45 pm

Introduction of Two factor authentication (2FA) in almost all online portals had greatly reduced the ability of your login credentials being brute forced. The attacker would would have to deal with an exponential number of possible combinations to bruteforce which is almost impossible. Almost all the online banking portals have introduced 2FA to ensure that your money does not get siphoned. No doubt 2FA is the way to go and  a must have if you are serious about securing your login credentials hence your business which is the reason why this was  introduced in the Linux SSH gateway software ezeelogin.  Both the web-interface and  ssh would now require all our system administrators/techs   to enter the dynamically changing code to get access.  This  would  mitigate the potential security threats from network sniffers or key loggers or trojans that could possibly infect your desktops.

The techs would be prompted to enter the google  code, that changes every 60 seconds, after the ssh authentication.

To start using google 2 factor authentication in the ssh gateway, the techs needs to have a smart phone with the Google Authenticator app installed. The tech would need to scan the qr code to start using the google codes.











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