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Flash megaraid firmware

November 18, 2015 , 10:47 pm

In this article, I would like to discuss how to  flash megaraid firmware in this article. Here we need to upgrade megaraid-sas-9271-4i.

You can download the firmware from their website at

Download the exact firmware depends on your product version and unzip it. You can find the .rom files and readme files for that version.

[root@server ~]# wget

[root@server ~]# unzip


Using the followig command, you can flash firmware on your machine.

[root@server ~]# MegaCli -adpfwflash -f mr2208fw.rom -a0

To verify the firware version, you can run the command given below.
[root@server ~]# MegaCli64 -AdpAllinfo -aAll

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