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Zendesk remote authentication via WHMCS with autologin

September 20, 2011 , 4:40 pm

Authenticate your customers on Zendesk using their username and password in your WHMCS. Autologin to Zendesk/WHMCS if the user is already logged into either one. Also supports external form based authetication instead of HTTP authentication.

Steps to setup:

  1. Download the zip file using the link provided below and extract it to get the scripts
  2. Login to your Zendesk admin account
  3. Go to Settings -> Security -> Authentication
  4. Enable “Single Sign-On
  5. Select “Zendesk Remote Auth” in “Mode
  6. Set the URL of the login script in “Remote login URL
  7. Set the URL of the logout script in “Remote logout URL
  8. Set your IP in the “IP ranges” for testing. Your current IP address will be displayed below the field. (Clear this field after testing and save it)
  9. Copy the token (shared secret)
  10. Click “Save tab” button at the bottom of the page
  11. Login to your WHMCS admin account
  12. Go to Setup -> General Settings -> Security
  13. Add the IP of your web server where you placed the script in “API IP Access Restriction
  14. Edit the scripts and set values for config variables such as token, URLs, WHMCS login etc.
  15. Upload the scripts to a folder on your web server. Should be on the same domain where your WHMCS is also hosted in order for autologin to work.
Watch the video on how to setup the scripts and see it in action:


Security considerations:

It is recommended that you move the configuration settings to a separate file (say,) config.php, upload it in a location outside the document root folder and include it in this script. Otherwise if your PHP engine breaks due to some reason (for example, due to an error in your web server configuration), there is chance for this script to load as text in user’s browser exposing your WHMCS admin login and other sensitive information given in this script.

Please read the comments in the script for more info.

For setup assistance, customizations or consultation, contact support[at]

Zendesk remote auth via WHMCS scripts





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