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WHMCS customer information widget for Zendesk

September 21, 2011 , 11:43 am

Display your customer information from WHMCS on Zendesk ticket display pages for your agents to lookup quickly and easily.

Steps to setup:

  1. Download the zip file using the link provided below and extract it to get the script
  2. Edit the script and set an access password and other configuration values
  3. Upload the script to a web server where it can be accessed from outside
  4. Login to your WHMCS admin account
  5. Go to Setup -> General Settings -> Security
  6. Add the IP of your web server where you placed the script in “API IP Access Restriction
  7. Save changes
  8. Login to your Zendesk admin account
  9. Go to SETTINGS -> Extensions
  10. Click on “add widget
  11. Select “Custom” (Custom HTML fragments to embed in your pages.)
  12. In “Title“, enter “Customer Info” (or any name you like for the widget title)
  13. Check (enable) “Display
  14. In “Available for“, select “People who have logged in and is an agent
  15. In “Content“, enter the following (replace URL_TO_THE_SCRIPT with the URL depending on where you uploaded this script and ACCESS_PASSWORD with what you set for $access_password in the script):<script type=”text/javascript”>Widget.require(‘URL_TO_THE_SCRIPT?password=ACCESS_PASSWORD&email={{}}&debug=1’, {type: ‘text/javascript’});</script> <div id=’whmcs_user’></div>
  16. Select “Create widget
  17. Click “Submit” button
  18. Now view any ticket in Zendesk
  19. In the right pane, click “Edit widgets on this page
  20. Click the newly added widget from the list
  21. Drag the new widget to where you want it

Security considerations: 

It is recommended that you move the configuration settings to a separate file (say,) config.php, upload it in a location outside the document root folder and include it in this script. Otherwise if your PHP engine breaks due to some reason (for example, due to an error in your web server configuration), there is chance for this script to load as text in user’s browser exposing your WHMCS admin login and other sensitive information given in this script.

Please read the comments in the script for more info.

For setup assistance, customizations or consultation, contact support[at]

Script for WHMCS customer information Zendesk widget

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