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Subscribe WHMCS clients to Mailchimp mailing list

September 26, 2011 , 11:42 am

Note: if you need a complete WHMCS addon module for Mailchimp integration where customers can subscribe to lists and interest groups of their choice, see ezchimp

Subscribe your clients in WHMCS to required mailing list and interest groups in your MailChimp account based on the product group they order.

Suppose you want to auto subscribe your client to “Hosting” interest group in your MailChimp mailing list when they order one of your “Web Hosting” product and to “Domains” interest group when they purchase one of your “Domain” product, this script can do it for you. You can organize your clients to different interest groups easily and send newsletters and special offers to specific interest groups for maximum effective email marketing.

This script makes use of WHMCS AcceptOrder hook and WHMCS and MailChimp APIs.

Thanks to Juan Manuel Zolezzi Volpi, Duplika Internet Solutions for the idea and funding for the development of this script and permission to share it.

Steps to setup:

  1. Set values for config variables and WHMCS product group to MailChimp mailing list and interest groups map
  2. Upload this script to includes/hooks folder inside your WHMCS install folder
  3. Make sure the merge fields in mailchimp mailing list are set as:

    Mailchimp mailing list merge fields setting

    Mailchimp merge fields

  4. Test by accepting an order
IMPORTANT: Please read the SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS section in the script comments.

For setup assistance, customizations or consultation, contact support[at]

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