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Import/Export missing orders – Magento

July 13, 2015 , 11:29 am

During a migration, we would come across a common issue, that is missing orders after migration. If we don’t take down the live site before taking a Database backup, orders would come in and on restoration, these orders would be missing at New server/hosting end. To over come this, we can effectively use one of the available free module “Import/Export Multiple orders” for Magento. Here is how to achieve this.

1. Login to your Magento admin area

Usually the login url would be (you can check admin section app/etc/local.xml file to get correct admin keyword if you are unsure)

2. Now we need to install this module. Before proceeding with the module installation, we need to disable compilation to make it error free
you can do this at
system >> tools >> compilation









3. Now we can proceed with installation. For that go to
system >> magento connect >> magento connect manager
This will take you to mangento connect manager page. Login using your admin logins









4. Once logged on extensions tab, you can see a the list of packages already installed. You can also search for required extension and install from there.

5. There, under Install new extensions, paste the following key at “paste extension key to install” box and click install .
This will give you an Extension dependencies box and there click on Proceed










6. This will install the plugin and once installation is completed, you will see an output in the console like below









7. Now you can click on the Return to admin area link on the top and you can see Exporter added to the top menus










This completes the plugin installation and half work is done.


8. Now what need to be done is get a copy of the database from which you need to export the DB. Restore this database to a newly created one at current host.


9. You need to change the DB details to this newly created DB at app/etc/local.xml.


10. Clear your cache
rmrf var/cache/*


11. Now login to your admin area and use the export feature in the exporter to get a csv file of your missing orders.


12. You now have the backup of your missing orders, you can change back to the original DB at app/etc/local.xml


13. Once again clear your cache
rmrf var/cache/*


14. It’s time to use import feature from the exporter menu to import these missing orders.


15. Once it’s done, verify that all orders are added. If you get any error, download the error log and check.


16. If the error is about duplicate entry for order ID, you may change the order ID in the exported csv file and try and import it again.

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