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Efficient and affordable outsourced web hosting support

April 6, 2013 , 10:03 pm

There are many available web hosting services that are offering you websites at great rates these days but those that have faced the music of servers crashing and networks going down will know that not every web host is equal when it comes providing support in crisis. Unfortunately there are not many companies out there that provide the ideal services in this regard an

Outsourced web hosting support is provided to the web host’s clients by an outside company to which the web host ‘outsources’ for any technical issues or help that the client may require. The support may be part-time or full-time and charged by the outsource company to the web host accordingly. Some companies provide full time support for their clients, giving part-time support themselves and outsourcing the remaining time.

Reliable and reputed companies that provided the best client support cover every aspect of the web host’s Server management that ensures a minimum downtime. They should be able to remotely manage all technical issues related to servers that include configuration, optimization and security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Control panel configurations can differ according to the operating system and the staff managing it should be fluent with all of them. Quality services can only be provided by companies that hire the qualified engineers who are specifically trained to deliver support in time of emergency. Such staff form the backbone of the company providing dependable, expert IT helpdesk support solution.

The job may require complex tasks like server migration in which a failsafe migration plan should be customized as per a companies need. A servers needs may range from basic to very complex depending on the kind of website it hosts and for the latter the helpdesk should be available 24/7. The support team should be able to recognize and provide growing needs of a web host’s business by configuring an appropriate web-hosting specific cluster. Last but not least, they should be provide comprehensive server security, also take measures to control and prevent DDos attacks and should constantly monitor for any requirement on this aspect. is a US based company, with offices around the world, which have been dedicated to providing outsourced technical support for web hosts for the past 7 years. They have different plans that you can opt for according to your needs, ranging from partial support to full time 24/7, 365 days a week support and all services are totally branded under your company’s name. Outsourced support is also provided for FreeBSD® Servers. Apart from this they also serve requirements of customized software development. Advice on which services might suit them best is available just a call away on 1-866-583-7226.

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